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      MKP Global Career Institute was established in 2022 in response to the challenges faced by experienced drivers in the truck driving industry. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 led to a shortage of drivers and raised industry-wide safety concerns, creating a need for qualified professionals in the field.
      Recognizing the responsibility and duty to address this gap in the quality of new commercial truck drivers, the founding administration and instructor of MKP Global Career Institute embarked on a mission to provide comprehensive knowledge and assistance. The founding instructor brings a wealth of experience as a 15-year veteran in both interstate and intrastate transportation. Through his extensive career, he has gained valuable insights into the challenges faced by company drivers and independent owner-operators alike.
      At MKP Global Career Institute, we understand that there is often a disparity in the long-term success of drivers in the industry. This is primarily due to limited information and training in crucial areas such as financial planning and business management. In order to bridge this gap and empower drivers to thrive, we have made it our goal to offer business seminars tailored to both entry-level professionals and experienced entrepreneurs.
      Our institute is committed to equipping drivers with the necessary tools and knowledge to succeed not only as skilled drivers but also as successful business owners. By providing comprehensive training and support in financial planning, business management, and other essential areas, we aim to reduce the constraints that often hinder drivers from achieving long-term success in the industry.
      At MKP Global Career Institute, we are dedicated to the professional development and success of our students. We believe that by empowering drivers with the right skills, knowledge, and resources, we can help them overcome challenges and embark on rewarding careers in the truck driving industry.


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